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DNA Testing, Technology, Products and Services  - Latest Articles


DNA Testing To Find Your Ancestors

The use of DNA testing for determining a person's ancestry is becoming more and common. By linking your maternal DNA (mitochondrial DNA) and your paternal DNA (the y-chromosome), these ancestry databases are effectively able to link you to other people to whom you may be related and thereby determining to some degree your ancestral lineage and where your ancestors came from.

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Genealogy - One's Family History

Genealogy is the study of who is in a family and who they are related to.

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Using a Home DNA Test Kit

A home DNA test kit is exclusively used in the sampling stage of a home based DNA paternity test. The key component in the kit is usually a pair of serrated cotton swabs, and some DNA free sample tubes. These two components allow the obtaining of the source material which will ultimately be used to determine the biological relationship of a child to the putative parents.

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DNA Testing & It's Uses In Todays Society

Help & Information On DNA Testing. A DNA test is done to get vital facts or information about a crime, to prove the innocence and guilt of someone or trace family ancestry. DNA is used in paternity testing and genetic testing as well. Lets cover how DNA is useful across different strata.

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DNA Fingerprinting

In criminal cases, it is the strength of the evidence against the accused that determines the outcome of the case. This is why prosecutors try their best to come up with the strongest evidence to prove the guilt of the defendant, and this is also why defense lawyers try their best to discredit the evidence of the prosecution. To help them do this, both the defense and the prosecution solicits the help of experts in analyzing evidence and in proving the veracity of the evidences in the case...

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